Bloomberg: Turkey’s opposition does not know how to challenge Erdogan


Media: Turkish opposition cannot agree on a single candidate for president

Turkish opposition parties cannot choose a single presidential candidate to challenge President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the upcoming elections, Bloomberg said.

It is noted that the opposition has been unsuccessfully trying to agree on a candidate for several months. At the same time, the Turkish authorities don’t give up their plans to hold elections on May 14, despite the tragic consequences of a series of earthquakes in February.

Because of their inability to reach an agreement, opposition parties are frequently attacked by Erdogan. The Turkish president accuses them of being disorganized and in meetings with the electorate and claims that the opposition is too divided on important issues to run the country.

“According to recent polls, those who vote for the opposition are largely divided between the six coordinated parties and the pro-Kurdish Democratic Party of Peoples (DPP). This could allow Erdogan and his allies to divide and conquer in elections,” quotes an excerpt from the article.

As Bloomberg points out, the Turkish opposition needs to unite and enlist the support of the DPN to have a chance to defeat Erdogan. The agency says he faces one of the most difficult election campaigns because of the aftermath of the earthquakes.

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