Experts told about “pharmacy tourism” in Turkey


Tour operators do not see a surge in demand among Russians to buy medicine in Turkey

Russian tour operators do not observe a surge of interest in buying medicine in Turkey – drugstore shopping in this country has long been popular among Russians, the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) told reporters.

In late February and early March, the media reported that Russians began to travel in droves to Turkey to buy drugs, and visiting pharmacies is now a kind of a separate type of tourism – “pharmacy”. Moreover, it was reported that “pharmacy tours” are already being formed in the tourist market.

“Is Turkey popular as a place to buy medicine among tourists? Undoubtedly, yes. But according to all interviewed major tour operators, working on the Turkish destination with millions of tourists, the interest in regular visits to Turkish pharmacies among Russians vacationing in this country, has developed long ago, even before the pandemic, “- said in ATOR.

“Russian tourists in line at the pharmacy in the resort village of Antalya province, buying up medicines to bring them to Russia – this is quite a typical phenomenon, which could be observed in 2020, and in 2021, and last year, in this was never anything surprising. Tour operators do not see any clear “splash” of this already stable and smooth interest “- added the association.

They also stressed that there is no “pharmacy tourism” or “pharmacy tours” in Russia. “Purchase of medicines for personal use in Turkey is carried out by tourists, firstly, independently, and secondly, only as a kind of personal shopping, accompanying their holiday”, – said in ATOR.

“Tour operators do not offer “drugstore tours” to Turkey on the type of once popular “vaccine” or “card” tours. If there are such proposals – it is not from tour operators, but from persons engaged in illegal activities, for which there is administrative responsibility in the form of large fines”, – concluded the association.

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